FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Collin's Cleaning Services LTD aim to be be as informative as possible and try to answer all queries, please find below our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with the relevant answers. If you do not find the answers you are looking for please feel free to contact us:

  • Do you work outside of the North Essex area?
    Yes, Collin's Cleaning covers Essex, Suffolk, and can work within any sensible travelling distance of our base in Colchester. Our normal radius of work is between 25-30 miles. Depending on the type of booking an additional charge may be incurred to cover travel time and expenses. If required, additional charges will be discussed and agreed with you when we confirm the booking.
  • Do you have a minimum call out fee/charge?
    Yes, our minimum charge is £45.00
  • How can I pay you?
    Collins Cleaning accepts cash, cheques or online payment via bank transfer.
  • How long will it take for my carpets/sofas to dry?
    Drying times vary depending on the temperature and ventilation of the room and the amount of cleaning solution required to be applied. Typically we expect your carpets to be dry within 4 hours and we expect chairs/sofa’s to take up to 24 hours to dry.
  • Do you have dry cleaning methods available?
    We do have a dry cleaning method which is suitable for use in situations when colour runs are highly likely (e.g. certain rugs) and may be preferable where the carpets cannot be left to dry for a period of time. Please discuss your circumstances with us and we will recommend the most appropriate cleaning method for you.
  • What should I do after your visit?
    Our full post cleaning/drying instructions are printed on the back of your invoice or alternatively can be accessed here or download the PDF
  • Can you guarantee to remove stains from my carpet/rug/sofa?
    We always do our utmost to completely clean and remove any stains from your home however stains can be more or less difficult to remove depending on what has caused the stain, how long the stain has been present before cleaning and what you may have attempted to do yourself before calling us out. While in most instances we are successful in removing stains presented to us we cannot guarantee to remove any stain and our fees will still apply in the event we are unsuccessful.
  • How much do you charge?
    Our charges are based on the total amount of time and materials we expect to require to complete the job which will include factors such as the floor area to be cleaned, amount of furniture present and staining/stain removal treatments or special requirements. We can typically agree a price with our customers before attending your premises although for some types of work a site survey/visit may be required. For typical examples of our prices please visit our prices page.
  • Do you work at weekends/overnight?
    We aim to provide our customers with a first class service which in our opinion includes being available to work at times which suit your requirements. We are therefore available to work at weekends and overnight if required by prior agreement with you.
  • Can you offer me a discount/better price?
    We offer prices which represent good value to our customers for the level of service quality provided as one of the cornerstones of our business. Our aim is to quote you a fair price for the work performed. For this reason we do not negotiate with customers in respect of price. We do, however, sometimes run promotions for business reasons which are advertised on our website, Facebook and Twitter feeds so please check these regularly if you are looking for a bargain.
  • There are lots of carpet cleaners working in this area – Why should I choose you?
    Collins Cleaning are an established business, which has been operating in the local area since 2003. We are NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association) trained carpet and upholstery cleaners which gives you peace of mind that we have attended and passed training courses and have a wealth of practical on-site experience to allow us to safely and effectively provide you with a very high quality of service. Our service level as standard includes:
    • Preliminary vacuuming of the area to be cleaned
    • Deodorizing
    • Use of professional quality carpet cleaning technology
    • Moving all furniture which can safely be moved
    • Protecting floor areas from colour leakage from the remaining furniture
    • Where appropriate, pre-spraying and the use of specialist stain removal products.

Collin's Cleaning Services  are also fully insured. We have both public liability and insurance against damage to your carpets or upholstery. So you are fully covered in the unlikely event that an accident should occur.

For these reasons our service and customer satisfaction levels are much higher than other providers, representing real value for money for our clients.